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  1. Do i need to change the oil pump for this oil cooler ?

    Hello everyone hope you having a great time! I bought a KoyoRad oil cooler that i filled with 350ml of water , do i need to change my oil pump after such change ? (2jzEngine) Picture of the cooler
  2. Methanol affects tuning?

    Dyno Tuning
    Sorry , but im not using it as Fuel , im using it for cooling when mixed with water.
  3. Methanol affects tuning?

    Dyno Tuning
    Hello Everyone. I own a supra with 2jz VVTI Turbo and i want to install Methanol and Water injection do i need to Re-tune my car after doing such change or I should stick with my old tune ? Boost is 15PSI Fuel Octane Ratio is aprox 86 measured by RON unit , Thanks for reading :)
  4. Do i need to Re-tune after changing to another diff with another Ratio ?

    Dyno Tuning
    Hello Everyone i hope you having a great day! i have mx83 powered by 2jz vvti single turbo with Haltech 1000 Ecu and 3.6 ratio diff and i want to replace it with around 4.1 ratio one , Is Re-tuning important in my case ? Thanks :)
1-4 of 4 Results