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  1. Softest pedal for 600hp

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Anyone have experience with Action Clutch? I guess they're bigger with Honda guys. Recently had some work done and it looks like my rear main seal needs to be replaced and I'm still on the stock clutch (BPU) at 74k miles. Time to replace it and my installer mentioned Action Clutch. I'd been...
  2. Bushing Kit for 94 TT

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Bushings are my next project for my '95. I'm a little concerned with poly bushings (NVH, squeaks, needing to regrease) and am wondering if anyone has mixed and matched new poly bushings in certain places with rubber OE in others?
  3. Hatch rubber quote

    Elmhurst Toyota Scion
    Sorry I should have specified - I'm looking for the small rubber bumpers.
  4. Mechanic who does side work in Northern Virginia or Maryland (2jzgte VVTI swap) ?

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    First, I'd post this up in the North East section. Second, good luck finding someone who does quality work cheaply. If I were you I'd save up $ until you can get a shop to do it properly. Nightrun Garage in Richmond may have more competitive rates. The guy who runs YotaConnectors (named Ron, in...
  5. Hatch rubber quote

    Elmhurst Toyota Scion
    Looking for the hatch rubber pieces for a 95 TT. Shipped to 15215. Thanks.
  6. Does the MkIV supra still get a lot of attention?

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    It's funny to see all the "yeah but it's only dudes" comments cause really, is there any sports car women care about? IME women dont give a shit about cars in general.
  7. Does the MkIV supra still get a lot of attention?

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Yes, everywhere, and only positive attention in my experience. Different from exotics which get a lot of negative / defensive attention (rich asshole, small weiner, only knows the brochure, etc).
  8. Low oil pressure on start

    MKIV Technical
    BPU with 70k here so maybe it's a BPU thing.
  9. Low oil pressure on start

    MKIV Technical
    Every time I start the car the red low oil pressure light comes on for a few seconds then goes away. This has been a nagging observation for a while now. Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's a feature. I've never had any other low oil pressure issues while driving; just on start. I recall someone saying...
  10. MVPs airbox intake feedback

    MKIV Technical
    Gains aside, how does it sound?
  11. Do you track your car spendings somehow?

    General Supra Forum
    I have one credit card dedicated to car-related purchases. Every time I pay it down I find myself looking at it weeks later like "how did this get so high again?"
  12. 2JZ-GTE vs VQ35/37HR: Why is the 2JZ Legend and the VQ35HR in the Dustbin

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Love reading all of this academic talk about Nissan engines. I keep coming back to thought: If I wanted to spend a fortune on a Nissan engine for a Supra for the purposes of being different I'd find a way to swap in the OS Giken TC24-B1Z and call it a day. Revs to 10k, 400whp, inline 6...
  13. Sports, GT, Prototype racing

    Other Cars
    I posted this over on FT86CLUB forums too but yes, a win is a win. They ran a flawless race and I'm about to go buy some KIMOA gear. Alonso had the fastest avg laptime of all drivers... Dude is a machine.
  14. Toyota Teases Racy GR Super Sport Concept

    Other Cars
    All part of the grand plan. Win Le Mans, release this car as evolved-from-Le-Mans-winning-DNA, race it in 2020. This is super cool if it comes to fruition.
  15. Suspension refresh

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    As always, you're the man, thanks for the input.
  16. Suspension refresh

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Bumping this as I'm in the same boat wanting to do a refresh of the suspension - excluding the shocks and springs - with a focus on improving ride quality and possibly reducing weight. I'm thinking the aftermarket pieces are probably lighter than OE. - Has anyone mixed and matched new OE Front...
  17. Going Single ... HPDE Setup

    Road Racing & Autocross
    I would also think that spool doesn't matter since you're pegged between 3500 and 7000+ for 20 minutes at a time. For a flat torque curve you'll want a larger turbo running less PSI but your tune(r) probably has more to do with changing the power band behavior and linearity.
  18. Parts quote

    Elmhurst Toyota Scion
  19. 1503 SUPRA vs 714 GTR $21,000 Street Race

    Drag Racing
    I like that people are still doing this shit in a world of soft stanced bullshit.
  20. Parts quote

    Elmhurst Toyota Scion
    Bump. Looking for FR-S parts and a MKIV part(s). FR-S suspension nuts/bolts replacements: Front Strut Lower Bolt x 2: SU00302805 Front Strut Upper Bolt x 2: SU00302818 Front Strut Nut x 4: SU00302889 Strut bolt x 2: SU00302803 Strut nut x 2: SU00302889 MKIV Supra rubber hatch (I think these...
1-20 of 187 Results