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  1. BoostCreep SupraForum Member Good - Aling289 Bad

    Buyer / Seller Ratings
    this is amazing!
  2. Austin: White MkIV on 45.

    South Forum
    i don't remember his name on here, but that's Neil. built motor/6870. i think his username is bootleg or something. and I drive my car all the time!(when it's not broken :lol:).
  3. The Rise of Kidney

    Builds & Projects
    Moarrrrr updates :D.
  4. The Rise of Kidney

    Builds & Projects
    you gonna dye that carpet? this thread is tits!!!!!!
  5. Dexlex Supra/Dr.Patel Supra build

    Builds & Projects
    can't see the pics. hosting issue perhaps?
  6. My 1995 SE Restoration/Build Thread

    Builds & Projects
    love this car!!! i miss my white one :/.
  7. Make the Midwest Section great again

    Midwestern Forum
    oh and I moved away. Red Supras went south :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:.
  8. Make the Midwest Section great again

    Midwestern Forum
    i'm not married; no kids no wife. i'm down to fuck some dudes on the side.
  9. Need pointers : auto to manual

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    keep us updated!
  10. A long road...finished up my 3.0L 10:1 7675

    Dyno Tuning
    any pics/vids of this?!
  11. Biologist's Supra Build

    Builds & Projects
    waiting for the 6-speed swap!!!! get that autotragic out of there and race my NA MK3.
  12. New supra owner

    New Members Forum!
    what's the mods that's on it?
  13. How much is your Supra worth? According to Hagerty's BI team

    General Supra Forum
    what did they value yours at? if too personal cna you give ballpark? I will be int he same boat once mines is done and our cars are almost identical.
  14. Do Not Buy a Supra Right Now. Wait.

    General Supra Forum
    yeah sell your supras cheap and take profit in all your bitcoin. i'd love to see bitcoin drop to sub 2K again and Anthracite 6spd.'s for <40K.
  15. How much is your Supra worth? According to Hagerty's BI team

    General Supra Forum
    what's the rest of the specs?
  16. Anyone bought the grannas t56 swap?

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    there's a few vids on it. search grannas or kyle bigb00st or something for it. for what it's worth mines will hit the rollers in a few weeks. with speedo as well; dakota digital box was used for speedo conversion.
  17. Any recent CCW customers?

    Shops & Part Reviews
    in 12 weeks i can build my own wheels.... not really but 12 weeks is absurd for wheels.
  18. c6 vette DECIMATES twin turbo 3000GT..!!

    Other Cars
    so what's done to the C6 you raced in the vid? enjoy the vids!
  19. Videos section rules/Supra FTP Site (Online)/Supra Videos

    any vids with no music?
  20. Seattle area options

    NorthWest Forum
    i can only afford ~2400/month for rent/utilities. buying ~$375K, but i'd rather rent first in case i leave. i like to bowl, play pool, drive, take photos, and work :lol:.
1-20 of 483 Results