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  1. Tx2k13 let down

    South Forum
    Just like the MKIII guys shun away MKII and MKI Celica Supras for not being "Real Supras", bad example since MKIII guys have been doing this for years to the earlier marks....
  2. USDM twin swap wont boost

    General Supra Forum
    My boost gauge goes to maybe 0.5 at max, and drives like NA. The BOV is factory. I did notice that the USDM vacuum hardlines are different. What I did was just use my JDM Vac hardlines, and connected them to where they originally went. I looked at the USDM vac diagram and it seems the the...
  3. USDM twin swap wont boost

    General Supra Forum
  4. USDM twin swap wont boost

    General Supra Forum
    I recently acquired some USDM twins that have very minimal shaft play. My old JDM twins where blowing oil, but boosted fine. Upon swapping over to the USDM twins, I have been unable to make any boost, unlike all the threads I searched that are achieving only 5 PSI, I am getting nothing... As...
  5. WTB usdm twins

    NE: For Sale/Wanted
    What part of PA? And what condition are they?
  6. WTB usdm twins

    NE: For Sale/Wanted
  7. WTB usdm twins

    NE: For Sale/Wanted
    I am looking for a good pair of USDM ct12b twins shipped to Ohio. Lemme know, thanks guys, Neal
  8. quote

    Elmhurst Toyota Scion
    Hey Buddy, its Neal yet again. All my coil pack connectors broke, and I think it may have to deal with my car misfiring with no power only under boost. Could I have a quote for 6 connectors 90980-11246 Thanks Curt, Neal
  9. price quote

    Elmhurst Toyota Scion
    90401-19008 union bolt 90430-20016 gasket
  10. quote please part no 25860-46060

    Elmhurst Toyota Scion
    Hi, could you please send me a quote for part no 25860-46060 Thanks, Neal
  11. Never pay with Western Union or Money Gram to someone you dont know anything about

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    I am new here, and I already knew not to use any wire transfer etc. But what is safe to use? Paypal only covers you if you bought the item off of ebay (I've already went through this), so what is a safe way to transfer money out of state?
1-11 of 11 Results