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  1. Toyota Supra Heritage Edition - SEMA Overview

    2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    Heritage? Was this one designed and manufactured like all the other Supra models before it? Heritage? Is a wing all it takes? If so I present the following example with even more heritage... This car was actually designed and manufactured by Toyota. So give it a wing and it's a Supra!

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    I just found this thread today. I received the survey email and already filled it out but without any of the part numbers listed here. I got it last week on the 16th. A friend of mine in Hutto who has had his car at least as long as me did not get the survey.
  3. Austin, Texas Supra Owners

    South Forum
    Lots of good shows listed on this page... I tend to go to stuff in the Round Rock area and all the 'burbs north, south, east and west.
  4. Austin, Texas Supra Owners

    South Forum
    What part of the Austin area are you in? I'm in Round Rock so I tend to just go to car shows in the area. I'm typically the only Supra there but who cares.
  5. Jackie Rants About Why the Fake Vents Are Totally Useless

    2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    That was fun to watch. Proves again on why do the fake vents at all? They don't look good in person. But Toyota has become quite good at vents that do nothing. Look at the back of the Camry SE! Those plastics vents are going to look terrible after they discolor in the sun.
  6. 2020 Toyota Supra laps the Top Gear Test Track

    2020+ Toyota Supra Pictures And Videos
    The current Corvette Stingray (not a Grand Sport or higher) is 3.3 seconds faster (1:19.8) on the track. Similar price and much faster. New Supra is disappointing.
  7. Austin, Texas Supra Owners

    South Forum
    Anyone from the Austin area hang our around here? I have not run into any Supra owners around here since coming back.
  8. Is Supraforums ruined?

    Forum Problems & Suggestions
    I can't say I am a fan of the new setup. It seems to have officially killed my local area's posting activity. There have been zero posts since the change.
  9. Would you buy a limited-production MKV Supra if it was made in Japan?

    2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    It's too late for this. A built in Japan, Toyota sourced parts, etc. would have to be a MK6 Supra. There is not going to be much if any change on this generation, it would cost "too much" for Toyota to do and would not be the same car. We are stuck with this nicely tuned BMW parts-bin...
  10. Fathers Day Car show DFW area

    South Forum
    How did the show go? Got any pictures?
  11. BMW Partnership May Extend To Toyota SUV's

    2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    There is also the rumor from February of the next generation Lexus IS getting the Zupra I6 also... I have an IS350. I have zero interest in a BMW motor under the hood. I might as well...
  12. Shops in houston

    South Forum
    Does he have a webpage? I don't see a phone number, address, email, etc. on his instagram page. I'd be curious about him for some light work.
  13. DFW Supra Meet 7/29/18

    South Forum
    Any pictures of the meet?
  14. DFW Supra Meet 6/10/18

    South Forum
    Good turnout. Thanks for posting the pictures!
  15. DFW Supra Meet 3/3/18

    South Forum
    Looks like a great showing. You have any more pictures?
  16. DFW Supra Meet 1/14/18

    South Forum
    I edited the title for you guys. Hope you have a good turnout!
  17. Cars and coffee Austin 9/10/17

    South Forum
    I was at the Coffee and Cars meet on 10-8-2017. I saw one white Supra "TOJO". It was very modded up. Looked good. I haven't been to one of these meets in 4.5 years. It's been a long time. Seemed like less cars/variety but still a decent turnout.
  18. Moving from CA to TX

    South Forum
    You have a '98 (OBD II) so you could take it anywhere. As long as you have a catalytic convertor you will pass just fine.
  19. Northeast Supra Meet Tee Shirts for sale

    NorthEast Forum
    Where / when was this meet at? Should this be moved from the South forum back to the Northeast forum?
  20. Moving from CA to TX

    South Forum
    Hey they have In-N-Out burgers so you will feel right at home. What kind of food are you looking for? Got to get some good BBQ, maybe Tex-Mex, etc.
1-20 of 415 Results