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  1. FS: Brand New HKS GT2835 Twin Supra Kit

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Nuts, Ron. Nice to catch you here. Old Corolla buddy discount? - Long Tran
  2. FS: Tire Loading Info Labels

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    What is the difference between this and one for a hardtop?
  3. ToyotaFest 2017

    California Forum
    It kills me how wrong they usually are, yet you can't help but to let the forecasts influence what you're doing. I'll be there, unless it evolves into a monsoon.
  4. Freeway takeover / Mini cruise to hoonigan donut garage supra meet April 22nd

    South Cali Supras
    Is it a private event at Hoonigan? <---Had no idea it was even right here in Long Beach Reason I ask is I might have something in the morning but maybe I can catch up at Hoonigan?
  5. Moving to Orange County - many Supra owners there?

    South Cali Supras
  6. Moving to Orange County - many Supra owners there?

    South Cali Supras
    Hey Aron, going to Toyotafest in Long Beach? Great opportunity to meet folks in a family environment at the beach.
  7. 2017 SoCal Roll Call!!!

    South Cali Supras
    L T 1993.5 Hardtop 6spd Long Beach
  8. Powder coating la/oc/in area

    South Cali Supras
    Using a high heat paint on a well-prepped surface would yield just as good a result. Granted I don't drive my car a whole lot, but my DIY calipers have looked brand new since the day I reinstalled them 3 years ago and 100% of the folks that ask about them assume they are powder-coated.
  9. Info on supra mechanics

    South Cali Supras
    +1 on that. Forgot about him. We just met at this year's HRE Open House. Nice guy.
  10. Info on supra mechanics

    South Cali Supras
    Don't know any down by San Clemente. Up in Walnut is RaceToys / Diamond Bar Auto Care. Ray Gonzaga 714-815-7551. Well known in Toyota community. Built my 86 engine and has worked on my 6-speed. Will be doing my rear main seal once I need a clutch.
  11. Greddy Garage Sale, 11/19/16

    South Cali Supras
    Anyone planning on going?
  12. Moving to Orange County - many Supra owners there?

    South Cali Supras
    I see conflicting info out there about Aliso Viejo vs OC Fairgrounds. Maybe someone here will chime in. How about this one? Good cause.
  13. Clear Bra? (PPF)

    Exterior, Interior, and Detailing
    Similar situation, just had the hardtop re-sprayed (Black) and want to do what I can with the budget I have left. How would you prioritize the panels? Bumper, Headlights, Hood, Fenders, Mirrors, Roof, doors? Any suggestions to brands? 3M Pro? Xpel?
  14. Clear Bra? (PPF)

    Exterior, Interior, and Detailing
    Who here has this on their Supra? I've been debating how much of it I really need considering the limited action it gets, which is generally a Friday a month to work or the occasional meet. Initial thoughts are at least the front bumper and possibly full hood. I started out thinking I was...
  15. Moving to Orange County - many Supra owners there?

    South Cali Supras
    Unfortunately, I can use a little time myself to get the car ready for smog now that my tags are expired. Just so lazy to crawl under the car to change out downpipe. (Welcome to California Smog DotCom!)
  16. Moving to Orange County - many Supra owners there?

    South Cali Supras
    Maybe we can coordinate an Aliso Viejo CnC showing once DotCom comes up for air? I live in Long Beach and work in Newport Beach.
  17. FS: (2) Used Nitto NT-05 265-35-18 SoCal

    For Sale/Wanted
    Gone. Thanks.
  18. Greddy Open House

    South Cali Supras
    Anyone going?
  19. Is there supposed to be a gap between the window mounding and the roof?

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Haha... I hate that! I always have furry yellow lint pinched in there from the Costco microfiber cloths.
  20. Toyota Headquarters - JCCS Show

    South Cali Supras
    I guess this might be considered a little love thrown at the Supra.
1-20 of 182 Results