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  1. 900+ RWHP Black/Black CLEAN 6 speed / Titan Built 3.0 and Head / 94 LOW MILES

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    Clean car!! but seriously, where can I get the bert sticker?! lol
  2. 1994 Toyota Supra TT Black on Black 100% Stock

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    Those front seats!! :wackit:
  3. 2012 Supra Engine Assembly - time lapse video

    ok so almost a 4 min video, how long did all that actually take??
  4. FS: 94 supra OEM steering wheel and 93-96 OEM tail lights

    Canadian Forum
    Dennisupra your inbox is full...
  5. looking to buy MKIV TT

    Canadian Forum
    your inbox is full, but I have a 94 tt 6spd if you are interested pm me and we can discuss the details, thanks.
  6. FS feeler: my 1993, NA, 5 spd beater :)

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    Interested in the car if you can get the title business straightened out.... Just curious how many miles on her?? are you able to post the carfax? does the car have all the vin tags in place? clean title but do you know if there has been any small fender benders/ body work?? thanks...
  7. A short movie from "GATEBIL"(street cars) at Vaaler in Norway

    Yeah just a small warning to not watch at work would be helpful :tongue: cant wait to watch the rest at home tho hahaha
  8. WTB LHD Supra TT 6'Speed

    Canadian Forum
    Hello there Not sure if you got my message last time, but I saw that you updated your wanted ad so I figured I'd let you know that the car is still availible and if you are serious about buying the car I can drive it to alberta as you were looking for one inside the province correct? Anyways...
  9. Titan 280 Startup

    this thing sounds sick!!! :rockon:
  10. SRTA 2011 Season

    Canadian Forum
    + 1 :agreed:
  11. Supra build thread on Speedhunters

    General Supra Forum
    Part three please!!! :drool:
  12. 97 Supra TT Roller

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    Any pics or knowledge of the damage causing the salvage title? Was the engine replaced due to the accident? Is it an original TT 6spd car? What vins are missing from the car? Is the engine USDM or JDM? Thanks Dan
  13. My build thread part two!

    Builds & Projects
    Question about your seats, are they factory black with black perforated centres and white stitching? Where'd you get them done and are you happy with the fitment?
  14. 1994 TT 6-speed for sale 84kmiles

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    Hey there Just wondering if you are willing to sell the wheel set separately and if so can you please PM me how much??? Car looks great by the way, please get back to me when you can, and thanks for your time. Dan
  15. Anyone here buy a Supra from the states?

    Canadian Forum
    I was lucky enough to find mine about 20mins from the boarder so I only needed to drive about an hour to check it out one day, came back to get the funds lined up and wire transfered them down there. Had a buddy drop me off at the boarder the next week, the seller picked me up on the other side...
  16. 1994 TT 6-speed $18.5k moving sale

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    I'm guessing these aren't the original seats.... did you have them redone? Car looks great btw
  17. Finally, writeup on how to fix sagging seat belts.

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Hey awesome thread and the pictures definately help too! I haven't actually tried it yet but I plan to give it a shot when I get home, just had a thought, not sure if it would work since I haven't tried any of this yet but what if you stuck the pin through the back plastic casing and into the...
  18. 1998 Toyota Supra - Black/Black - Congrats Kyle (Top Gun Customz)

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    By far the nicest Supra + Build I've ever seen! :eek2: Just curious about the write up, did you mean 19"s up front and 18"s at the back? Words can't describe this car, I say keep it!
  19. 1997 Black/Tan 6 Speed TT Supra - Project

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    I'm still waiting on a reply to my emails...
  20. 97 twin turbo 6-speed

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    +2 for clean title? and any pics of the damage from the accident? or description of how extensive the repairs were.
1-20 of 29 Results