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  1. FS: Megan Racing Coilovers

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    *** SOLD *** Admins please lock
  2. FS: Megan Racing Coilovers

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    -What is your First & Last name? Chris Rooks -What is your email? [email protected] -What is your phone number? (502)803-5757 -What is your City? Frankfort -What is your State? KY -What is your Zipcode? 40601 -Asking Price = $475 *** SOLD ***
  3. WYB: STOCK suspension complete stock air box and complete fmic

    MKIV Parts Wanted
    Sent you a couple pm's but haven't heard from ya. I found the complete SMIC with nuts/bolts/clamps and some other random trinkets. Also found the factory power steering cooling rail if you're interested in that. As far as the intake goes, all I have is the intake tube, no box. Lemme know and...
  4. CCW LM20 18" (set of 4)

    Wheels & Tires For Sale/Wanted
    Wheels have been sold! Admin - Please lock and delete. Thank you
  5. CCW LM20 18" (set of 4)

    Wheels & Tires For Sale/Wanted
    Name: Chris Rooks Email: [email protected] City: Frankfort State: Kentucky ZIP: 40601 Phone: (502)803-5757 AD DESCRIPTION: I purchased these directly through CCW in late 2009 so they are Supra fitment. The rear tread is pretty bad so they need to be replaced. I put the factory wheels back...
  6. My new GT-R owner and 2200mi road trip intro thread

    Other Cars
    That was a great read! Congrats on your new ride. Makes me wish I had done a write up like this when I bought my Supra.
  7. winter storage: STA-BIL or drain gas tank??

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    I use sta-bil for everything I have from my mowers to my boats. If possible (which it doesn't sound like it may be), run as much old gas out as you can, then top it off with 93 and add however many ounces of sta-bil recommended per gallon. Should be good to go after that. This is my process...
  8. Removal of Hood Insulation Pad

    Exterior, Interior, and Detailing
    I tried to clean mine without taking it off and it wasn't worth the time or effort. It was a little brittle in some spots and even the lightest pressure made it look worse. Steve is right, better off getting a new one or not even worry about it pending how dirty yours is.
  9. 2002 BMW 330ci, price $5000.00

    SouthEast Forum
  10. 1993 to 1998 radio upgrade

    Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.) and Lighting
    I'm curious about this interface you speak of to play music from a smart phone. I've never seen one and my bluetooth unit doesn't work well at all. I gave up on the tape deck since the adapter cassettes are junk these days. I've looked on amazon, crutchfield, and a couple of other places and...
  11. December Meet anyone?

    SouthEast Forum
    I'm in central Kentucky and I'm always down to meet up with fellow owners. One year a bunch of us met in the Gatlinburg area then went and played on The Tail of the Dragon for a few hours. That was a good weekend.
  12. 1,368 whp -- 7675 cea!

    Induction Performance
    That's awesome! Great work guys!
  13. New Supra Hoodies IN STOCK

    MVP Motorsports
    I'm 6' 200lbs so I told my daughter to order and XL. If in fact I dissappear inside of it, can we exchange for a large?
  14. WYB: STOCK suspension complete stock air box and complete fmic

    MKIV Parts Wanted
    I believe I still have my stock air box wrapped up somewhere. And the SMIC with all of the piping if you still one. I'll look around the basement tonight and let you know tomorrow.
  15. New Supra Hoodies IN STOCK

    MVP Motorsports
    Great looking sweatshirt! I'll be sending this to the wifey.
  16. Tech Article: Full EGR Removal

    MKIV DIY / How-To Threads
    I recently completed this removal, capped the 2 vacuum lines, inserted the resistor in the gray temp sensor harness, and now I have the warning light on. I can't get any codes by jumping the TE1 and E1 pins. The weather has been garbage here lately so I haven't been able to drive it, just...
  17. What did you do to your MKIV today

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Finally decided to tackle the EGR removal. Ordered my block off plates from the fine folks at Titan and they should be here today. Got all the parts removed and the temp sensor resistor plugged in and taped off last night. All that's left is to install the plates and cap the vacuum lines.
  18. Supra Sighting in Southern Indiana: Red Stock Bodied Supra in Clarksville

    Midwestern Forum
    No doubt, I'll do that. Might be sooner than later. They're having a spring fishing sale starting friday and I need a couple new rod/reel combos.
  19. Import alliance 2013 ky motor speedway

    Midwestern Forum
    For those of you that are going I'd like to meet up before going in so we can all park together. So far it's just me and a buddy from TN.
  20. Import alliance 2013 ky motor speedway

    Midwestern Forum
    I'll be there for sure. I'm hoping to grab some spaces for the supra owners to park, but it might be best if we can all meet outside of the speedway and roll in together.
1-20 of 159 Results