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  1. New Supra Should Have Been....

    2020+ A90 Toyota Supra News
    I have been thinking a lot, you know what would make a fool out of Toyota right now? For Nissan to blindside the entire sports car market with a overdue Mike Tyson left hook GT-R replacement. It would KO everyone and make the 2007 scramble happen again ushering in Ultra Hyper Exotics that only...
  2. Who's all hitting the track this season?

    Road Racing & Autocross
    I feel you Silver Supra. Heck I am 6'2" and cannot even get inside a miata without my knees in the windshield. I tried to get into a "bigger" S2000 and failed. Seat all the way back the wheel is in my chest. knees dont fit under the dash. The limit for me was a RX7 FD. That was tight cabin...
  3. New Supra Should Have Been....

    2020+ A90 Toyota Supra News
    IMO, Supra MKV had one job, one goal. Beat an aging GT-R. Shouldn't have been hard considering it was introduced as a super-car killer with 480hp in 2006, it broke the internet and all the hearts as it slayed everything in it's path. Ferrari, Porsche, Z06, ZR1, the Lamborghini all were slayed...
  4. Why Do People Hate The New MKV A90 Toyota Supra So Much?

    2020+ A90 Toyota Supra News
    I have made a decision to refrain on passing judgement on the car until I drove it, and/or seen it in person. That has been impossibly difficult. I have hated it, warmed to it, hated it more and impressed with some of the tuning done, hated it some for sure is a mixed bag of feelings...
  5. Back on the forums

    Florida Forum
    Just moved to Orlando, down for a meetup although my car isnt here.
  6. PS Pump modification

    Road Racing & Autocross
    I wonder if you can drill one more hole the same size without taking it apart. Are they easy to find another one? Side note, sort of related. I was wondering the same thing and curious how hard it would be to retrofit a quick ratio electric steering rack into a Supra/SC. The faster electric...
  7. How do you go about owning more than one badass car?

    Other Cars
    OP I see what you are on about, owning two awesome machines. Like you, I have a soft spot for a Supra, but there are other cars I want almost as bad. The way I look at it is to have "duties" that each car is specifically designed to fill. The Supra is my "fast" car. So mods are biased towards...
  8. Big Brake Kits

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    That's awesome congrats! Welcome to the lightside! I do not think you will be dissapointed. Did you get the ProCast or the Revolution Rotors? Sounds like the Revolution. BTW, you can run a floating rotor on the back you have to get a brembo parking brake and have it mounted to replace the stock...
  9. Big Brake Kits

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Here's a quote from the brakeman himself in regards to using their steel rotors… “If the “REVOLUTION“, won’t handle the track, then at that point, cast iron is more than likely your only choice.” Well that explains why manufactures use an iron alloy over steel... Again you are all over...
  10. Big Brake Kits

    MKIV (1993-1998)
  11. Big Brake Kits

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Race teams can justify the cost. Yes they cost that much. But they are 2x cheaper than carbon setup by far and perform better and last for years and years under the harshest conditions. He also told me they would be overkill for my setup. I told him that was what I was looking for. Long life and...
  12. Big Brake Kits

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    That makes sense, I was inquiring about a endurance racing setup, you may have not. Sounds like it is being dealt with case by case basis. That makes me respect them so much more. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Big Brake Kits

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    You might want to call and speak to Warren. He was going to sell me F5 front calipers with 14"hurricane rotors and F3's for the rear with hurricane rotors for the Supra. You may have talked to a sales person who is looking at a computer. Warren said he had sold this setup to Supra owners before...
  14. Coating or WPC treatment

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Yes if your part that you are going to cryo is already hardened to a specific hardness, cryo can make that part too hard and brittle and actually break under load. But other than that, I don't think so. An example would be the head studs. I wouldn't cryo those because they are already hardened...
  15. Coating or WPC treatment

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Although the pistons are a good thing to treat, I think your rings and cylinder walls are more important IMO. Most of the friction from the piston on the cylinder walls comes from the rings. From what I have read about WPC, you can have friction coatings treated with WPC. From what I have...
  16. Big Brake Kits

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Got my Brake man cryo'd setup in yesterday. This is some high quality stuff.
  17. Big Brake Kits

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    I was never talking about the calipers. I have never seen a caliper crack personally, although I have seen pics of bending from heat. Merely rotors. When I go to time attack and road race events, those EVO's and GT-R's on stock systems I have seen them have cracks by the end of one event with a...
  18. New 2015 Kawasaki K2R 300hp Stock Super Bike!

    Other Cars Have you guys seen this thing? Ridiculous. I didn't think I would see a factory bike at 300hp that soon. It's supposed to take corners as well as it goes too.
  19. You have an MKIV. What other cars would you like to add to your garage?

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    HondaJet lets be realistic. lol
  20. Big Brake Kits

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Yes I was talking about rotors. Thats great info, what kind of driver are you and tire compounds do you track on? Avg braking speeds and g's? I have never heard anyone not liking their Stoptechs. They have proven their product as much as anyone in my eyes. That Chinese stuff sounds scary to...
1-20 of 432 Results