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  1. FS: Escort Passport 8500 X50 radar detector

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Escort Passport 8500 X50 red light. Barely used, great condition, works great. This radar detector is very popular and lots of great reviews, google it, see for yourself! $200 shipped obo.. "Hailed as the most revolutionary radar/laser...
  2. Vegas on a budget. still woo?

    Old vegas the way to go for a budget and the atmosphere seems more laid back!
  3. My 94 Supra Story

    Members Rides
    Great so far, but minus the hood scoop
  4. Someone broke into my f'cking car, stole computer....NEED advice

    hmm.. hope i dont see your naked photos floating online.. =/
  5. Hecktic fuckin week. Met a slut and got TRICKED.

    "he's in love with a slut"
  6. kid who unlocked iphone traded it for a 06 350z + 3 8gb ipods

  7. Anyone use NetFlix or a similar online/shipping movie rental service?

    use redbox, if you have one near your home. it's a dvd vending machine, only a dollar a day, which must be returned the next day before 7pm or else your charge another dollar. all new releases every tuesday. the good part is also, they have promo codes you can use to punch in to rent free...
  8. Cool internet speed check.

  9. New Pics of my Car!!

    Members Rides
    i don't think anyone's willing to throwing in extra cash with the trade.. unless it's a they're trading mkiii for it .. it could be the other way around with you throwing in an extra cash & trade for the mkiv
  10. Sunset in the graveyard

    Members Rides
    just dont' make the supra look like the wrx..
  11. Finished Skyline..

    Members Rides
    i agree get it all in one color or maybe paint the rest of the car almost the same shade of gray of the cf..
  12. Don't let the Temp tag fool ya.

    Kill Stories
    haha.. just when i thought my day at work was shitty, i needed something like this to to cheer me up :bigthumb:
  13. Smoked A Porsche Cayman

    Kill Stories
    u beat the driver.... not the car...
  14. Supra's New Friend

    Members Rides
    good buy!
  15. 06' jeep cherokee srt8.. hmm... 0-60 under 5sec..

    Other Cars
    looks pretty :) wouldn't mind picking one up..
  16. December Pics: My White Supra

    Members Rides
    lookin good!
  17. inspection locations in high point/greensboro area..

    SouthEast Forum
    i'm getting my inspection done on my car but worried my tints won't pass inspection it's 20% all around except front windshield... anyone know a place that may let this go?
  18. "2JZUL8R" Posing for the Camera *PICS*

    Members Rides
  19. Killed a H2...sort of....

    Kill Stories
  20. Ferrari 360 Spider F1 vs Supra

    Kill Stories
    pretty funny!!
1-20 of 28 Results