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  1. 97' T100 2JZ-GTE swap!

    Builds & Projects
    Any finished engine bay pics?
  2. S366 .91 Dyno Results

    Dyno Tuning
    What exhaust manifold are you running?
  3. FFIM with GE or LS400 throttle body?

    Naturally Aspirated
    Think I found it.
  4. FFIM with GE or LS400 throttle body?

    Naturally Aspirated
    Does anybody have any dyno pulls comparing the stock manifold to a ffim? How much bottom end do you give up?
  5. IS300 ProEFI 128 2JZGTE VVTI Single Build

    Builds & Projects
    What turbine housing are you running?
  6. 1999 Sc300 Na-t "Daily beater" mild build.

    Builds & Projects
    Are you still running the stock intake box? You have one of the best looking na-t engine bays I've seen. Did the stock air box plumbing line up with the treadstone manifold?
  7. getting bw s300 to spool faster

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Op are you running a divided manifold?
  8. 1jzgte VVTi Holset He341 @16 psi

    Dyno Tuning
    what hot side are you running? Any vids?
  9. 97Low & Slow Na-t Build

    Builds & Projects
    Cool, thanks.
  10. 97Low & Slow Na-t Build

    Builds & Projects
    Maybe I missed it, but what manifold is that?
  11. Holset HX40 Pro vs. Borg Warner 83-75 comparison pics and dyno testing

    Dyno Tuning
    ever make it to the dyno with the holset?
  12. My 2jz S14 Swap

    Builds & Projects
    Bummer about the red car, but the new one looks nice. Good luck with the new set up. Let us know how you like the BW. What hot side are you running?
  13. My 2jz S14 Swap

    Builds & Projects
    Updates? You still liking the he351?
  14. FS 96' S2 Genuine RZ single turbo supra

    For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    Do you have any dyno sheets with this turbo? Wish I could buy the car. This is the exact turbo setup I'm thinking about. Thanks PS beautiful car.
  15. The Camry All Trac

    Builds & Projects
    Just came across your thread. When you gonna have the Camry back in Colorado? I'd like to check it out. How's the Cressida coming along?
  16. A different kind of build...

    Builds & Projects
    Thanks. Mine is going to be an NA-T and not nearly the boost level your at, 14-16 psi max. And I plan on making my own log style mani ( have access to a tig at work) hoping that turbo doesn't feel sluggish at that boost level. Thanks again. Joe
1-16 of 16 Results