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  1. MKIV (1993-1998)
    Planning on going a full beans conversion. Everything that I can buy new - I will, from basic hoses and washers to a Precision 7675 gen2. Full GTE block/head and everything else that's needed to handle atleast 1000hp wheel. My question is, in regards to the transmission and differential, what...
  2. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    1 have a 1989 supra with all the making of a thousand horses power im just not complete positive on how much it is worth
  3. New Members Forum!
    Hello. In fact, I want to start with the Lexus LS 460 L AWD 2017 replacement project with a 2JZ swap engine with adjustments of up to 1000hp but reliability and daily use. What do you think, whether the project works or i can't replace the engine? Actually, I've thought about LS engines...
1-3 of 3 Results