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  1. 1JZ/2JZ Swap
    I’ve searched for this and am having a hard time getting the answer I need. I need to know which combination of dipstick tube and dipstick will work for my 1.5JZ in the MK3. If I can get a solid answer on how far the dipstick should extend past the tube that would be immensely helpful. Any help...
  2. MKIII Technical
    How’s it going everyone? I’m upgrading my fuel system on my 1.5jzgte mk3 that’s currently on 440cc grey injectors around 400hp (haven’t dyno’d recently) on the stock 1jz ecu with an apexi neo but need help with choosing the right injector and stand-alone ecu set up. It’s a 2jzge non vvti bottom...
1-2 of 2 Results