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2jz ge vvti

  1. Other Cars
    Hello all, I am working on a 2JZ swap into my Datsun. I have done a lot of research and I’m hoping someone can verify my plan before I buy anything. I am budget minded but don’t want to screw myself by going too cheap on something that will break or not work. The plan is to swap the engine in...
  2. Lexus SC300/400
    Hi, I'm new to forums and working on cars. I have a little knowledge, but this is my first time boosting an engine. I have a 99 lexus sc300 and if anyone could answer some questions, that would be amazing. First, do I have to change the vvti rods to non vvti rods? I was told the vvti rods...
  3. Supra FAQ
    Hey does anyone know how I can fix a issue I’m having I just swapped my 97 Tacoma with 2jz na vvti but when map sensor connected shoot up rpms and won’t make all power it should when disconnected it’ll run at good idle but not make any power anyone know what issue could be.
  4. MKIII Technical
    Hi guys, You may remember me from my ridiculous posts about 7 years ago regarding putting 2x T88 turbos under the bonnet of a stock block mk4.. Well 7 years later I've gained a lot more experience, both hands on and theoretical, and I'm here to ask some real questions, and start this build...
  5. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    So i'm getting closer to having my 2jz ge mk3 supra swap starting but i don't know if i need the igniter. im running a microsquirt v3 and i don't know if it can run the coils by themselves.
  6. MKIV (1993-1998)
    I am looking around at cars online specifically MKIV supra sz models, how can i tell if one is vvti or not when buying?