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  1. New to this, 3.2 stroker turbo options??

    New Members Forum!
    Hey all figured I come here to see what others think. Now I unfortunately do not own a supra. On my search for a supra I found a clean s14 kouki that had a 1jz. Ran it at 670 wheelhp on e85 bone stock virgin motor for over a year while I had a 2jz built. Do to certain circumstances i went...
  2. Very rich at idle

    General Supra Forum
    Hey all, I have a ecumasters classic Emu on my 93 2JZ-GTE. 6266 single turbo, Tial wastegate, 650cc injectors, HKS SSQV bov, on 17 psi. It is professionally tuned. I am currently having issues with choppy and rich idle. It starts up at like 9:1... which is excessively rich. My question is, is...
  3. Stock jdm jzs161 pump

    General Supra Forum
    Hello everyone. I’m currently running true twin conversion, with a 2.5” cat less down pipe to 3” straight, and a boost cut controller. Currently boosting 1.4 bar on usdm spec twins. Fuel system is stock currently and will be upgrading the pump when the funds come available. I’m wondering if the...
  4. Trying To Save A Supra!

    New Members Forum!
    Hey everyone, I'm Duke. It's always been a dream of mine to own a Supra. I finally purchased my first Supra in July 2019. It's a 1994 shell/roller/project car. It was originally a 2JZGTE/V160 car. However, at this point in time.. it's an extremely stripped down shell, no engine/trans, interior...
  5. CODE 41 on 1JZGTE

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    (I know this is technically a mkIII, but it's been a month without even a glance from that section so I'm reaching out here since it's more of a JZ question) So I recently got my 1990 Supra with the 1jz-gte imported from Japan and have been trying to get things running well. It runs great, but...