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  1. Low Millage 1987' 7M-GE or 2JZ Swap

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Hello, i am new to the forum. i got REALLY lucky and found a 87 supra in mint condition. 7MGE 3.0 AUTO NON-Turbo (yet) 40,000 miles. a interior intact no rust. (already bought wheels/ coil overs being delivered) Found off craigslist the guy said he bought it from an old lady who's husband had...
  2. Autotragic to W58 Swap

    MKIII Technical
    I bought an 87 automatic N/A in August, love the car. But I knew eventually I was gonna swap it for a 5 speed. Well, it is the time. Found a W58 for $450 with clutch fork, flywheels, clutch assembly, slave, lines, etc. Has anyone else done it on here? And can anybody give me advice for the swap...
  3. (88 7mge & 89 7mgte) donor to daily

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Hey guys just wanted to show off my about a year ago I picked up my 88 NA, I began doing a lot of research into building a mid 300hp fun street car. As I read more and more my hopes began to get crushed trying to accept the cost to benefit of building an NA to my power goal. Fast...
  4. 7M-GE cam replacement

    MKIII Technical
    Would replacing the cams on a 7mge motor make any difference in power? I’ve heard from many people I have asked that larger cams are worth the investment , but there isn’t much information that can be found on the forums about it. I’m trying to keep my engine naturally aspirated and reaching...
  5. 7MGE TO 7MGTE Swap

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Good Morning. I currently have a rebuilt 7mge with stage 2 cams and Ferrea valves. Once I put it back in it wasn't quite the power I wanted so I looked into a stand alone for it, wasn't really finding any good options. Now I'm looking to add the turbo from a 7mgte and all associated equipment...