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  1. I own a Supra now! It also needs some work... (also introducing myself a little bit)

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    hi all, i'd like to introduce myself a little bit. i just joined this forum after recently purchasing a '91 supra. i really lucked out with the configurations, and how we found it. some details about it are it's red, stickshift, turbo, leather interior (from what i heard pretty rare), targa...
  2. Advice Needed for an Early Stage Beginner

    New Members Forum!
    Hiya! I think it goes without saying that my dream car is a manual MK.IV Supra. I am on the Supra Forums after all. But, I don't have the funds, knowledge or experience to own and build such a thing any time soon. Given the whole lockdown situation, I finally got tired of dreaming about owning...