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  1. Using an AEM V2 in 2019+

    MKIV Technical
    Ok brace yourselves for perhaps numerous threads by me soon because I am building my bottom end hopefully in time for next spring. I will give us a part list here for context and then my question is basically on a scale of zero to horrible, how good of an idea is it to continue using my AEM V2...
  2. AEM V2 PnP for Non-VVTI

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Name: Daniel Location: Edmonton, Alberta Contact: PM here Price: $1850 CAD (approx. $1380 USD), OBO Selling my AEM V2 EMS, plug and play for a non-VVTI Supra. In perfect working order, just went a different route with my build. Includes the EMS itself, USB 2.0 cable and a patch harness that...