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  1. MKIII Technical
    Hey all, I'm looking for good aftermarket replacements for the CT26 and not a rebuild/upgrade for my stock CT26. Driftmotion seems to have a good replacement. Does anyone have experience with Driftmotion's CT26? What's the performance difference between the Garrett 57 trim cast compressor wheel...
  2. MKIV DIY / How-To Threads
    Supra OEM front Speaker Size are 4 inch. Too small to have a good quality sound so I went with 6,5 inch from Kicker. Many topic about this mod and usually people buy aftermarket bracket. Didn’t want to spend the money for that. You can easily modify your OEM bracket for 0$ and keep the factory...
  3. 2020+ Toyota Supra Pictures And Videos
    Hey! I purchased my Supra about 3-months ago and would love suggestions on what I should do with it. As of right now I have: Window Tints Glossy Black Roof Wrap Deep-Dish Rims 10mm Spacers Interior Ambient Lighting Performance Intake/Inlet Downpipe My next steps are mostly likely lowering...
1-3 of 4 Results