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  1. FS: JDM 2jz-gte HKS mushroom intake

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    What is your First & Last name: bob -What is your email: [email protected] -What is your phone number: 619-353-4492 -What is your City: LA/OC -What is your State: CA -What is your Zipcode: 90731 Filter is broken, so you will need a new foam filter. lower pipe (Tom's logo included), filter...
  2. Stock jdm jzs161 pump

    General Supra Forum
    Hello everyone. I’m currently running true twin conversion, with a 2.5” cat less down pipe to 3” straight, and a boost cut controller. Currently boosting 1.4 bar on usdm spec twins. Fuel system is stock currently and will be upgrading the pump when the funds come available. I’m wondering if the...
  3. Aristo Problems

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    I recently purchased a 2JZ-GTE aristo engine to swap in a MK3 chassis. I am checking to see if everything is working fine and have run into a few problems. I have it wired according to the diagram from wilbo666 and am able to start it. It does not run for long. The ETCS-i seems to not be working...