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  1. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    hi, I'm currently rebuilding/restoring a 1989 MK3 Supra Turbo Targa. I've recently finished rebuilding the engine head, previous owner took it apart to change head gasket. The head is fully back together minus vacuum lines and other rubber lines. New sparkplugs, wires, oil, and gas in the...
  2. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    I’m in the process of putting an r154 manual in my auto supra…but I don’t know how to fully remove the auto trans. I heard something about “moving the engine to get to the bell housing bolts”…but I’m not sure how to do that. Please help!
  3. MKIV (1993-1998)
    Hey there i have just purchased a new 94 auto na supra and was thinking on manual converting it to a r154. Does anyone know what parts are needed to fully convert it to auto to r154 manual cheers.
1-3 of 3 Results