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  1. MKIV Technical
    I've got an Aristo a340e mounted into my oringally NA non-vvti 94 JDM Supra Obviously the a340e has the 3 bolt flange and the NA a340e has the "female splined yoke" ? According to : Performance modifications for the Supra and Toyota A340E Automatic Transmission ; "The output spline has 23...
  2. MKIV (1993-1998)
    So, I have a 93 JDM NA Auto Supra and at the start of next year I want to go NA-T at ~400-450hp (daily driven). What I want to do is get a Ecumaster Emu Black, bigger injectors and a turbo kit + pipes and intercooler. The problem is that I want to keep the A340E gearbox and from all the threads...
1-2 of 3 Results