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  1. Antigravity Batteries LABOR DAY SALE

    Antigravity Batteries
    Hello all, Our annual Labor Day Sale is here! All our super lightweight batteries and jump-starters are 15% off. Remember, our batteries are much stronger than lead-acid batteries, so you can even use one of our motorcycle/powersports batteries in your car for maximum weight savings. We have...
  2. Antigravity Batteries - INFO VIDEO

    Antigravity Batteries
    Happy Friday, all! Here is a video with some important information on our lightweight LiFePo4 performance car batteries: Antigravity Batteries - LiFePo4 Performance Car Batteries Stay safe, and have a great weekend!
  3. Our 4th OF JULY SALE is here! Get great deals on lightweight batteries and more!

    Antigravity Batteries
    Hello all, Our 4th of July Sale is here! All automotive, motorcycle and powerport batteries will be on sale, along with all Micro-Start compact jump-starters and portable power stations. Coupon codes will be active from 07/03/2020 to 07/05/2020 (Friday to Sunday). We have many different...
  4. Antigravity Batteries SUPER SALE starts today! Get great deals on lightweight Lithium-Ion batteries and more!

    Antigravity Batteries
    Hey everyone, In light of the many challenges being faced, Antigravity Batteries is offering some large discounts on our products in hopes that it may bring some form of relief and assist in reopening the economy. Check our website- LITHIUM BATTERIES, MICRO-STARTS – Antigravity Batteries or...