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  1. MKIII 2JZGTE Low Compression

    1JZ/2JZ Swap
    Hey all, So my car was going for a tune and tuner realizes the car was burning oil. Did a compression test and results were Cylinder 1 - 140psi Cylinder 2 - 140psi Cylinder 3 - 148psi Cylinder 4 - 165psi Cylinder 5 - 110psi Cylinder 6 - 75psi Yes, they were pretty bad. What could possibly be...
  2. Very low compression numbers

    MKIV Technical
    150km on clock. Rz TT 1994 2jz gte non-vvti Cly 1: 110psi Cly 2: 85psi Cly 3: 90psi Cly 4: 120psi Cly 5: 100psi Cly 6: 85psi got this compression done after the car was idling for about 40 minutes. I’m new to the car scene and want to get opinions. I’m aware the engine definitely needs a...