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  1. MKIII Technical
    Fresh rebuild. Lexus AFM, 550 injectors, Wahlbro 255 fuel pump with 12v mod and Aeromotive AFPR. . Ok, heres the whole story from when I got the motor in the car and hooked up to everything. Got it started and it idled perfectly. Then after a couple of run ups and shutting it off to check for...
  2. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Hello everybody, I need some help. I’ve recently bought my 7M-GTE MK3 Supra three months ago. When I rev my Supra up to high RPM in neutral and starts to go back to idle the engine just gives up and dies. I don’t know what it is, if I rev up slowly and let go it will not die, not sure what the...
1-2 of 2 Results