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  1. For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    For Sale: This is from a 1998 Toyota Supra Liftback (W/SPORT ROOF) 3.0L A/T (Non-turbo) For Sale: Original Exhaust Pipe, exhaust muffler, and exhaust tail pipe Pictures below, with links to each Part description. The set has 40k miles on it. $500 for set or best offer Exhaust Pipe...
  2. Supra FAQ
    i have a bad exhaust leak and was looking into just replacing the whole system, i want to replace header to muffler, i need pointers on what i should go with, it can be separate brands for each piece. i just need a good tone/race exhaust, something to bring the car alive.
  3. Supra FAQ
    i have a bad exhaust leak, i was thinking of replacing the whole exhaust system from header to muffler. i need a good exhaust system. any one know of a really good tone/race exhaust.
  4. 2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    Hey guys, sorry if I have posted in the wrong way, I haven’t used a forum in years. If anyone can give me any advise before I go back to Toyota again. I purchased a MY2020 plate December 2019 build about 2 months ago and it was running great, awesome power and noise with burble and down shift...
  5. For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
  6. MKIV Parts Wanted
    I put up a post a few weeks about, but I’m still looking for an exhaust! something along the lines of ARC, Trail, Top secret, hks, amuse etc. Not really looking for tomei, ETS, or Garage Whifbiz. Don’t let the Japan tag put you away from an offer I have an American address as well!
  7. Supra FAQ
    Good afternoon everyone, I've recently bought an aristo 2jzgte vvti and I'm putting it in a jdm 95 Supra. I am purchasing extras I need to complete the set-up and I'm currently looking into exhaust components. I've noticed that some downpipes/midpipes that are listed for sale say they can't be...
  8. NorthEast Forum
    Hey guys, those familiar with AWE know that for nearly 30 years we have been a go-to resource for installations and performance services. We've reorganized our service business and renamed it AWE Installs. This refreshed approach has opened up another option for those in the Southeast PA scene...
  9. MKIV Technical
    Hello Trusted Supra Geeks. My build is a decent but not over the top 700-800 through a 6766 turbo kit. The ti carbon HKS has been an exhaust that I have always been interested in since forever with no regard for proper pressure and whatnot. I was always like, I am gonna get that when I build...
  10. MKIV Technical
    For those with a Ganador Titan exhaust how did you get the tailpipe hang? The way the hanger comes off is in a terrible direction which makes me think I’m missing a bracket to adjust. If someone could send me a picture of how you got the thing hooked up it would be appreciated!
  11. 2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    I wanted to find out what’s this community’s opinion about aftermarket exhaust brands like MangaFlow, Fi EXHAUST, AKRAPOVIC, REMUS and others for the newest Toyota Supra 2020? MagnaFlow Supra 2020 exhaust is part of their xMOD series, which allows for more sound configurations using various...
  12. MKIV Parts Wanted
    Hello all, I'm looking for the stock Downpipe with cats for a USDM TT Supra. Location doesn't matter. Willing to pay for shipping. Please PM me if you have one. Thanks!
  13. Supra FAQ
    I have a 1988 Mk3 supra 7M-GE and I want to change how it sounds. I've never modified a car before and I don't really know where to start. I live in California so I need one that still has a cat, and I would like to keep a resonator as well, because this car is my daily. Help?
  14. For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    SOLD BNIB Apexi N1 Evolution R Muffler with 3.5" inlet. Stainless steel, really high quality muffler for your custom exhaust project. $150, shipping not included