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  1. 7MGTE O’Ringed Block BHG

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    So I just bought my first mk3 with bhg. The engine was rebuilt 80,000kms ago with the block o’ringed and machined with the head, arp head studs and the oem gasket. Just wondering if anyone else has an o’ringed block and could give me some advice on what head gasket they used? I’ve read that...
  2. Difference between head gaskets

    MKIII Technical
    Hello, first off this is my first post in the form. I hope i dont sound like an idiot lol. anyways, im doing my first head gasket change on my 1989 mk3 supra but wasnt sure about the type of head gasket i should use. I bought an “oem” (pretty sure its aftermarket) gasket set and noticed that the...
  3. Just did head gasket, not running now. Help

    MKIII Technical
    Start by watching this video... I couldn't upload it here so this is the youtube link... . It barely runs and that's all it has. The 1st cylinder was at TDC, crank at 0*, and both cams lined up with the notches. So I don't believe its timing... people are saying maybe fuel issue? I'm 18 years...