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  1. MKIII Technical
    I recently bought a Supra MKIII from 1987, I need to get new headliner for it, but as there aren’t many 80s MKIIIs with a sunroof I am having issue finding a headliner for it. Would a headliner made for a 92 MKIII work or would I need to do something else for it?
  2. MKII/MKIII Parts Wanted
    PM me if you have anything. I'm also looking for a targa top removal tool for the same car, though it's not urgent.
  3. MKIV Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for the following parts for my MKIV Supra project/build: OEM LHD Parts(updated): -2JZGTE (prefer stock and one originally from a USDM Supra) -V160/161 Transmission (needs to be in good condition) -trunk foam -full headliner (for targa) -complete set of all locks/cylinders w/ keys...