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  1. Best JZZ31 R154 Transmission Rebuilders in USA?

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Hi Supraforums Family, I have a JZZ31 Toyota Soarer 5 speed transmission (r154 style) mated to a 2JZ engine and I want it rebuilt with those upgraded stronger parts. Who are the most trustworthy sources to rebuild this transmission in the USA? (Texas or Michigan are preferred)
  2. Please help 1jzgte

    1JZ/2JZ Swap
    So I have a jzx100 1jz vvti swapped into my s13, Everything is pretty much stock the cars running 11psi and j pipe is deleted. So the car ran great boosted normal then all a sudden one day it threw a CEL and would go flat 10.0 as soon as it got out of vacuum and started to build boost, I’m not...