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  1. wiring safc2 on 1991 supra 7mgte

    MKIII Technical
    Hello so we had a SAFC laying around and we decided to wire it up we searched for diagrams, pinouts and all that and everything works and lights up fine. it reads tps,rpm (reads rpm alittle off). Only thing it doesn't read is karmen. It stays at 3hz all the time while reving, idle, and when keys...
  2. HELP!!! 1989 7MGE Turbo Wont Run with MAF / AFM Connected

    Supra FAQ
    Sup people! So I have been in the process of building my 7MGE Turbo for the past few months now & I am Finally at the Running / Tuning stages. After the build it started right up! But for some reason Will Not Run with the MAF / AFM Connected..... What could be causing this!??? I have probed...