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mk3 problems

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  1. New Members Forum!
    So my 1988 Toyota Supra turbo used to be automatic and the person before me swapped in a R154 and the two piece drive shaft U-joint was bad cause vibration ripping out the output shaft seal. I bought a one piece drive shaft and noticed that I am unable to push the yoke on the drive shaft all the...
  2. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Hey can someone help me figure out why my brothers mk3 Supra isn’t starting he had a 1986 Supra and got into an accident but the engine was fine so he bought the 1987 Supra and his 1986 Supra was an automatic and the 1987 one was Manual some swapped the 1986s engine into the 1987 and the engine...
1-2 of 2 Results