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  1. Do a 2jz swap or buy a mk4?

    Hey guys just another question that you probably answered before but for some reason i cannt find any threads on it . So i am almost done with school and i will have some cash flow after I recently saw a 1997 15th anniversary supra with the 6speed manual for 39k car is all original and has 54k...
  2. Story of The Forgotten Yellow Supra - And Her Journey from Angola to Lebanon

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Hi guys, I’ve been posting my Supra on groups for a few days to have people share with me my excitement of actually owning a pretty much clean barn find Supra Turbo. It all started back in 2018, around August, we had some people talking about a Toyota Supra that used to roam the streets of...
  3. importing a supra into canada from sweden

    General Supra Forum
    Hi! I don't know if i came right, but i try it here I will be moving from Sweden to Canada some time after the summer. And i have a toyota supra mk4. I've tried to contact people but didn't get any respons back, so i try it here. :) I have some questions, is there somebody that has imported a...
  4. Looking for: Rear Quarter Trim Cover, RHD - 62522 14120

    Canadian Forum
    Missing this part from my supra. Have the left side but not the right. Part has been discontinued as far as I am aware. Any help finding the piece would be deeply appreciated! Have included pictures of the left side that I have and the spot where the right one needs to fit. Cheers!