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  1. New Members Forum!
    I have a 2021 Supra 3.0 and reached one year anniversary w/ oil service check light on. Should I trust a Toyota or BMW dealership for maintenance? If Toyota dealership, does anyone have a trusted dealership near San Jose CA w/ a certified mechanic on board for B58 engines? I appreciate your...
  2. 2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    Hi everyone, my name is Edgar and I'm been looking to join the Supra family for a while now. I'm in the market for a 2020 3.0 premium, and if anyone is selling or knows anyone that is selling one, please let me know. I have cash in hand ready to go. Thank you in advance!!
  3. 2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    Hey guys! New MKV Supra owner here. I do not know a lot about upgrades but based on my research I was thinking of starting with an aftermarket cold air intake, and intercooler. Once getting those I am planning on getting my Supra tuned. right now I’m leaning towards the HKS Dry CarbonCold air...
  4. 2020+ Toyota Supra General Discussions
    hey guys. I'm in desperate need to find out which wires are which coming from the head unit to the amp in the rear of the 2020 model. I believe I have found a much easier and cheaper way to add an amp and additional subs into this car than what I'm seeing posted in most forums. However using the...
  5. European Auto Group
    You guys gonna engage here? Hope so T
1-5 of 6 Results