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  1. MKIII Technical
    For about three months now I have been battling my car(1986.5 Supra NA MT). During the summer I let it sit for too long and the battery drained. I went to jump start it, but unknowingly I placed the positive terminal on the negative side and negative on positive. I went to go crank it and the...
  2. MKIII Technical
    I have been having this issue for a while now. The car is a 1992 Toyota Supra JZA70 . The car had issues with the Hydro Fan Setup and I had to switch over to a Clutch Fan. Before I did the conversion , the car ran fine , turned over fine , never had issues but sat for a while before the...
  3. MKIII Technical
    Edit: can't add a link to the first post, will post below. Ok, I'll try to keep this short. Me and a buddy bought this '88 Turbo Targa two weeks ago in a no-start condition. We believe it has sat for 20 years from 1995-2015, was driven from 2015-2018, and sat from March 2018 to now. The...
1-3 of 3 Results