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  1. MKIV (1993-1998)
    I have a 93 supra gte converted to single (s369sxe). I parked the car the whole winter and replaced a few things, including the old oil catch can. Last week I go to turn it on for the first time and right at idle the turbo is leaking from both sides. I thought the seals were gone bad so I had it...
  2. MKIII Technical
    Hello everyone, I'm posting today to ask for advice about my front main seal. So recently I did an oil change on the car, like normal. I've always done the same process for my 5 years of ownership, but for some reason this time around it decided to leak and it's not a small leak, it's major. I...
  3. MKIII Technical
    I bought my mk3 1986.5 Supra a while ago however it started leaking recently. I replaced the crank seals, valve cover gasket, oil pump seals and my cam seals. But it’s still leaking and it’s been over 2 weeks since repairs. It’s leaking right of the front driver side wheel. Don’t know where it...
    My turbo seems to be leaking oil? because I found oil leading up the intake pipe to the turbo and my car smokes a lot when I start it up. Would it be worth getting a turbo upgrade such as a the cxracing t61 with stock internals or just get another stock ct26
1-4 of 4 Results