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  1. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Looking for a restoration project for my dad and I to bond over, the car doesn't need to be in any great condition, but ideally it wouldn't be in awful condition, no rust, etc. Send me anything you have. Looking to spend at most $5000 on the car.
  2. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Hi everyone! I am looking at a 1986.5 MK3 Supra that I may be interested in buying as a project car and would like some input as I do not know a whole lot about these cars and their potential. The car in question is a 1986.5 Supra hardtop, 200k miles, 2 owners, pretty decent exterior shape with...
  3. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    So... I recently bought a Supra, MKlll 1988 with the 7M-GTE in it. Being my first project car ever. I’ve chased down multiple problems with the car with the cash I can spare, I’ve added a Air Filter, New Fuel pump, New TPS, Did a coil on plug conversion to the car, with IS300 Coil packs and...
  4. MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    So I finally got my supra running. bought it non-running and decided to fix it up. It has a mhg, 550cc injectors, bigger fuel pump, and a Lexus afm. I’m Not sure if it’s running correctly though so I attached a video so you guys can hear it and tell me what you think. ( the wiring in the car...
1-4 of 4 Results