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  1. twin disk clutch issues.... Help

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Hello everyone needing some help/advice. I have been fighting this spec clutch since first install and the list of issues keeps growing. -MK3 Supra -Rebuilt R154 -Spec Twin disk clutch -Willwood master cylinder ( SPEC Super Twin Dual Disc Clutch Kit 1987-1992 Toyota Supra MK3 SS Trim ) Had to...
  2. Autotragic to W58 Swap

    MKIII Technical
    I bought an 87 automatic N/A in August, love the car. But I knew eventually I was gonna swap it for a 5 speed. Well, it is the time. Found a W58 for $450 with clutch fork, flywheels, clutch assembly, slave, lines, etc. Has anyone else done it on here? And can anybody give me advice for the swap...
  3. Built R154 with twin disc and goodies

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Jose M [email protected] 347 620 2214 New York $4000.00 for both trans and clutch Here i have a built r154 with all marlin crawlers parts, cube 2nd gen short shifter and jz bell housing (WITH INSPECTION PLATES, also comes with mechanical speed sensor conversion to 3 wite toyota signal...
  4. ISO 1JZ AND R154.

    1JZ Parts for Sale/Wanted
    If you have either a 1jz for sale, or a r154 please let me know. You can text or call me at (860)-402-3231. My names jared. I live in CT. 06441