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    Hello! Does anyone know what is value of this gauge nowadays? I have had one sitting on my shelve for almost five years now and im thinking of selling it if price is right... Mine is for RHD and has some small traces of wear. I know that its hard to find these nowadays and that is one reason why...
  2. Wanted: Supras Only
    Hi im new here I’m really looking here to see if someone could really point me in the right direction of buying a RHD Supra I don’t mind buying from over seas just need a good place to look at becuz I’m not familiar with good spots to buy from over seas
  3. For-Sale: Toyota Supra For Sale Only
    Name: Alex Contact: 8082823158 Location: Taking vehicle from Washington to Minnesota soon due to moving Price: $35,000 WALK AROUND VIDEO OF THE CAR NO TRADES either TRANSFER MONEY @BANK while I’m with you with Title or CASH on my end 1994 FEDERALLY LEGAL RHD Toyota Supra NON-TURBO with...
  4. MKIV (1993-1998)
    Hey guys i was just wondering since im doing an Aristo GTE swap on my rhd MK4 Supra will i still need a longer wiring harness? I know for lhd vehicles you do but does this transfer over to rhd also? thanks for the replies have a good day!
  5. For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Hey guys, I am selling my Drag car. It's a championship car, and it's been fully rebuilt with no passes on it. It's got a new engine, trans, tires, fuel system, wiring and ECU. This is the car that I won the championship in back in the NDRA days. I don't want it to rot away as I don't have any...
  6. MKIV Technical
    I want to replace the inop radio head in my '93 RHD Supra but I am having trouble finding the proper harness. I purchased the Metra 70-1761 harness but it does not fit. I have searched everywhere and cannot find a good answer. Is it possible to cut the harness off the stock radio and use it on...