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  1. MKIII Technical
    Hi, I haven’t performed any tests yet, but it would be helpful if I narrowed it down to an area. My 87 turbo jerks really hard after 1500 rpm. It does not let me go any higher. It idles rough, and stalls when you come to a complete stop. Any ideas what it could be? I don’t see any leaks.
  2. Builds & Projects
    I’ve recently got a 1998 Toyota aristo that has started misfiring when the engine warms up, the first 5 mins runs perfect but once the temp meter goes above the cold mark the engine starts to give little pops out of the stock exhaust and the engine would shake. What I know is on the car...
  3. MKIII Technical
    Was driving around, and as a buddy and i pulled to a stop sign we noticed the car was shaking a little. My assumption is that a sparkplug failed or that there is a misfire. the car wasn't overheating or anything either, it just started running rough. Anyways, heres what is sounds like rn...
  4. MKIII Technical
    Bought my car from a single owner 4 months ago. Bone Stock from what I could tell. Would shut off at idle. I change spark plugs, plug wires, and coil pack. no improvement. I change the MAF/AMF (whichever it is), no improvement. I hear hissing so I try to fix any vacuum leaks, in the process...
  5. MKIII Technical
    Throttle position won't reset all the way down. Need a new reset spring and willing to buy a used throttle body to fix. Anyone know anyone that has one?
  6. MKIII Technical
    Fresh rebuild. Lexus AFM, 550 injectors, Wahlbro 255 fuel pump with 12v mod and Aeromotive AFPR. . Ok, heres the whole story from when I got the motor in the car and hooked up to everything. Got it started and it idled perfectly. Then after a couple of run ups and shutting it off to check for...
  7. General Supra Forum
    Hey all, I have a ecumasters classic Emu on my 93 2JZ-GTE. 6266 single turbo, Tial wastegate, 650cc injectors, HKS SSQV bov, on 17 psi. It is professionally tuned. I am currently having issues with choppy and rich idle. It starts up at like 9:1... which is excessively rich. My question is, is...
  8. MKIV Technical
    Hey all, I posted a week back when I had an issue where I couldn't communicate with the ECU on my 93 JDM Supra (NA/Auto). See thread here Unable to communicate with ECU. Since then, I've done some reading and found out that maybe my ECU is messed up to a bad capacitor (All my crazy Lexus...
1-9 of 9 Results