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rough idle

  1. Mk3 Supra Heavy Vibration at idle.

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Hello All, I have another problem with my 86.5 NA Auto Mk3. When I start the car, it seems to work normally, (shoots up to 1200 rpm and slowly goes down to 600/700). However, sometimes the car decided to be very lumpy and have serious vibration issues. These issues dont end at start either...
  2. Very rich at idle

    General Supra Forum
    Hey all, I have a ecumasters classic Emu on my 93 2JZ-GTE. 6266 single turbo, Tial wastegate, 650cc injectors, HKS SSQV bov, on 17 psi. It is professionally tuned. I am currently having issues with choppy and rich idle. It starts up at like 9:1... which is excessively rich. My question is, is...
  3. Engine light always on (even if TE1 and E1 and jumped)

    MKIV Technical
    Hey all, I posted a week back when I had an issue where I couldn't communicate with the ECU on my 93 JDM Supra (NA/Auto). See thread here Unable to communicate with ECU. Since then, I've done some reading and found out that maybe my ECU is messed up to a bad capacitor (All my crazy Lexus...