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she is cheating

  1. stuck on my ex...

    3 years, now its over, and im getting slightly jealous of other guys coming into her life.. still talk to her, see her occassionally. I recently moved to Tampa so i dont have any friends here and my bordem leads to communication with her which usually ends poorly. help my pathatic ass out
  2. Anyone suggest good backround check services?

    Anyone know of any legitimate Backround check services? shows all the normal shit, criminal history, places lived, phone numbers, family members, bankruptsies ect?
  3. "Cheap" house security cameras?

    I have some at the office that come with a DVR and 4 cameras and only record by motion detectors. Whole kit costs about $1000.00 What do you folks have for the house? I have had a couple of small thefts and it's pissing me off to the point where I'd rather see the guy's face for police proof...