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  1. Wanted: Supras Only
    I want to buy a mk3 supra prefer(turbo) roller in NC/nearby states. Id prefer the everything to be there. Some things could be missing i can replace them and some rust and rust holes are ok I can patch them, just no major rust paint doesnt have to be clean either.
  2. For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Name : K Safi Email : [email protected] Phone : PM Me City : Newark (SF Bay Area, East Bay) State : CA Zip : 94560 1996 TOYOTA SUPRA BASE/SPORT ROOF VIN: JT2DD82AXT0032669 Price: Sold Interested parties are welcome to come by in person and see it. I'm in Newark near Newpark Mall...
  3. New Members Forum!
    Hey everyone, I'm Duke. It's always been a dream of mine to own a Supra. I finally purchased my first Supra in July 2019. It's a 1994 shell/roller/project car. It was originally a 2JZGTE/V160 car. However, at this point in time.. it's an extremely stripped down shell, no engine/trans, interior...