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  1. NorthEast Forum
    Hi, Are there any professional and trustworthy body shops or individuals in Northeast or Central Ohio area? I am just a little paranoid of taking the car to some shop I find on google. I have the common rear hatch rust that I want to get taken care of soon and build a good relationship for...
  2. SouthWest Forum
    Hi guys, couldn't find a recent post regarding this subject. Looking for the best performance shop in AZ to do a single turbo full swap from a 95'TT mk4 supra. Thanks in advance. JB
  3. MKIV (1993-1998)
    I need a bottom bored, aligned, and assembled. Any good machinists with no horror stories near Socal Orange area? I would appreciate if you guy's share some personal expriences and stories. Thanks a bunch ahead of time.
  4. Shops & Part Reviews
    I'm looking for a shop that can help me service and do some upgrades on my 2JZ-GE. I tried my local Toyota dealer just for service and simple repair, but they do not know how to work on the engine. If anyone knows a reputable shop or mechanic that can help me with my engine it would be greatly...
1-4 of 4 Results