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  1. MKIII Technical
    As the title suggests, none of those said lights above are working. I have checked the main fuses and relays and they all seem to be working properly, but the lights are not. Some of the said lights have been swapped over to LEDs so I’m wondering if I may have overloaded something. Where should...
  2. MKIV Technical
    Hey Supra fam, This might seem strange to some, but I really like the look of the rear side markers on the Supra. I have a '93 JDM Supra which does not have the rear side markers. I also have a S2 front bumper with the front side markers, so I would prefer it to match. The thing is, I dont...
  3. MKIV Technical
    Hey guys, I've been searching the internet high and low and cannot find any info on this, so hopefully some of you can help. I have a 93 JDM Supra and recently I bought a Ridox style front bumper from Shine auto. The issue is that it has holes for the front side markers and my Supra (being a S1...
1-3 of 3 Results