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  1. 2nd Gen Tacoma r155f trans mounted on a 1JZGTE

    New Members Forum!
    Hi all, First post on SF, so hello! I've been looking into turbocharging my 2009 Tacoma, 2tr-fe 2.7L with the r155f manual transmission. After more research and running numbers, I've decided I'd rather do a 1jzgte swap for the amount that it'll cost to safely turbo the 2tr-fe with decent boost...
  2. 2jz swap into mopar

    1JZ/2JZ Swap
    Hi all, new to the forum. Did some searching and couldnt figure out much. Anyway ive got a 72 dodge dart swinger and thought about a 2jzgte swap, would be pretty dang unique. Now for some questions, is the a340e a decent transmission for 500 hp, as in building it up? Ive read about the th400...
  3. 7MGTE with non turbo A340E, Rebuild or Swap?

    MKIII Technical
    My 91 Supra had issues moving from a stop, I would have to put it in Low to get it started then put it in drive after getting up to 2nd gear speed to for it to move without it acting like it would slip from a take off in Drive. I drove it to work (car dealership) and it stopped wanting to move...
  4. Do a 2jz swap or buy a mk4?

    Hey guys just another question that you probably answered before but for some reason i cannt find any threads on it . So i am almost done with school and i will have some cash flow after I recently saw a 1997 15th anniversary supra with the 6speed manual for 39k car is all original and has 54k...
  5. w58 to v160 Drivetrain Swap

    MKIV Technical
    So I've got all the parts ready to swap out my w58 to a v160 and I was gonna do the swap myself but I'm having reservations and might want to take it to a shop. I know it's a fairly straight forward swap and there really isn't any modification needed (already a manual so no pedal install or...
  6. Good Flywheel to go with South Bend Stage 3 Endurance DMF Clutch?

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    I've decided to drop my v160 and 3.13 diff in my 5 speed NA finally since the clutch went out on my w58. I intend on swapping the motor for a GTE next year, but since I don't want the car sitting for months (and I don't want to waste money on a clutch for the w58), I'd rather just swap in the 6...
  7. 1jz-gte vvti vs. non vvti

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    I've been wanting to swap in a 1jz-gte into my mk3 Supra, but I have no idea if I should get one with or without vvti. I've seen people use either for the build I'm going for, but I have no idea which is better.
  8. 7MGE TO 7MGTE Swap

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    Good Morning. I currently have a rebuilt 7mge with stage 2 cams and Ferrea valves. Once I put it back in it wasn't quite the power I wanted so I looked into a stand alone for it, wasn't really finding any good options. Now I'm looking to add the turbo from a 7mgte and all associated equipment...
  9. Mk3 V8 Swap Guide?

    MKIII (1986.5-1992)
    I know that there is one posted somewhere for a V8 swap guide for the Supra, I just can't find it anywhere. Could someone link it to me or know where I can find some motor mounts and trans mount? I want to swap a LM7 5.3L that I have sitting around until I can afford the 2j I want. Thank you!
  10. 1.5JZ install help

    1JZ/2JZ Swap
    Hey everyone, just looking for some pointers on what I can have on the motor prior to dropping it into the engine bay. It’s a 1.5JZ into a 1990 for the record. My bro in law seems to think the intake and exhaust manifolds should be attached after lowering in but the exhaust manifold in...