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  1. FS: 1993-1998 Toyota Supra MKIV V160 Getrag 6 Speed Transmission (Jacks Stage 2 Upgrade) (JDM)

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Name - Anthony Email - [email protected] Located - Milwaukee, WI 53204 Payment options - Paypal Number - 414-630-4811 Upgraded myself to a T56 Trans in my stock block Supra currently making 916whp, so my V160 is up for sale! This transmission does grind at high rpms in 3rd and 4th...
  2. R154 Smoking

    MKIII Technical
    Hey everyone, I took my Supra out for a lil joy ride today and noticed that there was a bit of smoke coming out of the shift boot. Was wondering what it could be? I do have a small oil leak coming out from the R154 so maybe that's what's burning? I'll attach a picture down below. If anyone...
  3. 7MGTE with non turbo A340E, Rebuild or Swap?

    MKIII Technical
    My 91 Supra had issues moving from a stop, I would have to put it in Low to get it started then put it in drive after getting up to 2nd gear speed to for it to move without it acting like it would slip from a take off in Drive. I drove it to work (car dealership) and it stopped wanting to move...
  4. Built R154 with twin disc and goodies

    For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Jose M [email protected] 347 620 2214 New York $4000.00 for both trans and clutch Here i have a built r154 with all marlin crawlers parts, cube 2nd gen short shifter and jz bell housing (WITH INSPECTION PLATES, also comes with mechanical speed sensor conversion to 3 wite toyota signal...
  5. Building Supra. Need your opinion

    MKIV (1993-1998)
    Hello. I have been researching and debating buying a supra for some time now. And i just have a few questions that are rather opinions from you guys, rather than facts i can find within previous forum post. PS, new to this but trying my best to be a good learner! First, My goal. Push around...