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weird brake issue

  1. MK3 Brake Booster on MK2 Master Cylinder?

    General Supra Forum
    I have a MK2 with a brake booster that doesn't boost. I've been looking for a new brake booster for my generation of supra but my efforts are yielding no results. I have seen a few MK3 brake boosters and am wondering of they could bolt on to my MK 2 master cylinder and actually give me power...
  2. Single caliper not releasing

    MKIII Technical
    I’m new here but I’ve owned a few mk3s I’ve been chasing a brake issue for a while now I’m having a problem with the front driver side caliper locking up on me only that one brake is having issues the brakes will work okay and then that one brake will hold pressure and then you have to get out...