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  1. MKII/MKIII Parts Wanted
    Looking to buy an indicator switch for my Supra because the tab for the turn signal broke off. Anyone with an extra or have on in a parts car throw me a price.
  2. MKIV Parts Wanted
    Hi, as the title says, I am looking for a door. It’s the last piece I need before I can send my car in for bodywork and paint. I tried the Facebook forums and haven’t been able to find any so I was directed to try here. A US car driver door or rhd passenger door will work. Please text me with...
  3. MKII/MKIII Parts
    Hello All, I have been long searching for a digital instrument cluster for the mk3 supra. Please respond here or pm me if you have one you are able to sell and ship to Australia. Cheers.
  4. Wanted: Supras Only
    I want to buy a mk3 supra prefer(turbo) roller in NC/nearby states. Id prefer the everything to be there. Some things could be missing i can replace them and some rust and rust holes are ok I can patch them, just no major rust paint doesnt have to be clean either.
  5. For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    I’m looking to buy an auto TT Transmission usdm and I’ll pay for shipping. Or if anyone has the valve body and internal trans harness from a TT for sell.
  6. For Sale/Wanted - Parts, etc.
    Hi All, I am looking for a headlight switch for my LHD 1995 NA Supra. I know they don't sell these anymore so I am hoping someone has a used one of has any other ideas on how I can get the switch to work. Thanks in advance, -Billy
  7. MKIV Parts Wanted
    Name: Jon Outterbridge Philadelphia PA [email protected] Looking for driver and passenger side door trim/running board and plastic panels that cover the kick box area they connect to. Also both center console parts and lids. I'm unable to find definitive part numbers so if you have them...
  8. Wanted: Supras Only
    I'm looking for a hardtop non-turbo chassis or complete car. I would prefer a factory 5spd but I'm open to the right automatics. Condition is most important.. I do not want a car that has been wrecked or painted 3-4 times. A high mile car does not bother me if it's been well kept. All vins and...
  9. MKIV Parts Wanted
    Looks like they discontinued this trim piece for the targa 75551-14160 MOULDING, ROOF DRIP SIDE FINISH, RH Does anyone have an extra I can buy from them? I'd be willing to also buy the LH side as well if it's a package deal, since I need both (Toyota is selling the LH side moulding for ~$80...
  10. MKIV Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for the following parts for my MKIV Supra project/build: OEM LHD Parts(updated): -2JZGTE (prefer stock and one originally from a USDM Supra) -V160/161 Transmission (needs to be in good condition) -trunk foam -full headliner (for targa) -complete set of all locks/cylinders w/ keys...