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I've been browsing the internet lately, looking at potential purchases. I am new to car audio, so I am taking my time trying to absorb as much information as possible before diving in and investing in car audio components. I am not the familiar with brands other than the typical Sony and Panasonic that everyone has heard of.

I recently came accross Volfenhag subwoofers, from Germany, I assume. They're quite an attractive woofer, I must admit. But, are they any good? Below are the specs that came up on one site (for 12"). They seem to have everything I am looking for, including 4 - ohm dual voice coils. Is the brand reliable? Should I invest? I am not necessarily looking to compete as of now, but are these good quality subwoofers? I appreciate your response; if you have personal experience with Volfenhag, I would love to hear about it. If they suck, why? What other name do you suggest, then? Thanks for EVERYthing!

Jade Estrada

Volfenhag ®
12" 1000watt DVC Cast Aluminum Subwoofer "The German Concept"
*1000 Watt, 12" Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer
*500 Watts Continuous
*1000 Watts Max
*4 Ohm Per Coil
*Efficiency: 89.5dB 1W/1M
*Cast Aluminum Basket
*Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coils for 2, 4 or 8ohm operation
*Bumped & Vented T-Yoke
*High Temperature 4-Layer Voice Coil
*Double Damper
*Heavy Duty Industrial Magnet Structure
*Gold Push-Type Terminal Posts
*Protected/Shielded Tinsel Lead for Improved Excursion Ability
*Ships In Custom Designed "Treasure Chest" Packaging
*6.3" Mounting Depth
*Fs: 30Hz,
*Vas: 1.98 cu. ft.
*Qes 0.614,
*Qms: 7.698
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How much are they? If they're around 300 bucks or so I'd just go with some thing that you know is good. Well you may not but I do, go with the 12" Eclipse Aluminums. But I'm sad to tell you that the cost of car audio really does determine how good it is usually. It also depends on what you want the sub to do. If you just want bass thats loud as sh*t then just get some MA Audio or some crap like that. It's not gonna sound very good (don't start flamin me MA Audio guys), but it'll be loud. But please don't go this route, IMO this takes no skill and its gets old real fast. Get something that sounds good an can bass out if you feel that you need to. Plus the Eclipses look really sweet. They have the same stats as the ones that you found. BUT in car audio, stats don't really mean shit. Literally. Just ask people on here before you dive in to buying stuff, most people on here have pretty good taste in car audio. Here's my rule of thumb, if they sell it at BB or Circuit City or a flea market, don't buy it. Thomas Kenyon can hook you up on some stuff, but you probably won't wanna pay shipping on those subs, i think they are like 40 pounds a piece.
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no! in this matter...looks are deceiving. it may look kinda sweet but it is not a sub to be trusted. what is your price range and are you looking for more sq (sound quality) or more spl (loudness)? also how many subs do you want and what size? i can give you some great options in your price range. just give me some more info. later. you have any pixs you can send me? if so...send them to [email protected]
lol, pics or her or her car?:p
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