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As happy as I am with most of the results obtained, I can't help but realize how trivial some of this is really. For instance, there's a mk4 thread on here where the guy has taken the car down to the bare bones, mounted it on a rotisserie and making everything just perfect. I mean, hell, some men build rocket ships and fly to the edge of space in less time :)

I do appreciate the encouraging words, and if it helps you complete your build, all the better. Thank you for watching.

I posted what things I did Sunday, and while I know I was there on Monday, it's hard to distinguish what I did that day. Mostly clean up, think, admire and organize things, and made a list of little parts I needed from Toyota. I stopped at the dealer on the way to the garage this morning and order a handful of small parts. They arrived from LA by two. Can't say Toyota doesn't do a good job for such an old car. Six hour service for things that I didn't necessarily expect to be available.

I've made a new gallery of photos on today's work and it's not self-explanatory, so I will post the pics one-by-one and comment.

The bracket for the Lexus AFM, as well as the OEM piece, is secured to the passenger wheel arch. No way imaginable could I get it to fit. I will jury-rig something eventually, but for now, it is held in place by the rubber hose pieces and tightened worm clamps. I also found out while looking for pictures that I left off the secondary support bracket for the PS pump. Sure enough, I have it. I doubt that I can get it on now, but when I do this for real it will be fitted.

It's tight in there. Here's a picture of the K&N air filter from the other side. I didn't annotate any of the photos before loading to this gallery, but if you know what you're looking for you can see the location on the wheel arch where the bracket is supposed to attach. It's not going to matter in the end anyway, as the other hard-pipes are going to have to be customized anyway. The intake pipe with the blow-off valve that has been in so many other pictures doesn't want to fit either. I always wondered why there were so many different hard-pipe configurations. I think I know now. I'm not the first one to face this issue.

The Cusco shock tower brace adds to the complication on the hard-pipes, and it presents it's own problems on the installation. First off, you cannot use the OEM covers on the TEMS motors, that's a given. As the brace is installed in these pictures, the motors hit the brace... just mildly, but they hit and they should not. I'm thinking that one washer under each of the mounting bolts (and also under the OEM ring) will give me just enough lift that they don't touch. The metal tube attached to the "3000 pipe" is a bit stressed, too, and the angle one of the vacuum lines comes off seems a bit odd. It goes up when I'd think it should go down. Perhaps that's because of my after-market "3000 pipe"? Not sure yet.

Oddly enough, one of the things I ordered from Toyota today were four washers for 3 bucks a piece. When I got to my car and opened my order there were four bags of four washers each, and the parts man said "Yeah. That's how Toyota sells them". He didn't seem to know that when he ordered them for me, and he didn't want them back. They may just be perfect.

One more shot of the Cusco brace... okay, three more shots....

It's a tight fit for sure. I would love to have a bit more clearance. Hopefully those free three dollar washers will give me exactly what I need. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, so I won't know until Thursday. Plenty of time to think it through. Plenty? More than enough :)

Those brackets holding the TEMS motors have a story, too. I special ordered them from Toyota several months ago, and they came back discontinued. I posted on FB and found someone in Canada with two he was willing to see, so I bought them. I gave him the wrong ZIP code which turned out to be on a military base and I could not get into the post office to ask about them. IT took two months for them to work their way back to Canada, and my friend shipped them back to me.

The wires to the TEMS motors will get shortened and will maintain the disconnect feature 'cuz without that you can't get the brace off the car, or the engine out.

The metal top radiator hose (pipe) was too long and without cutting off a half inch, I could not get the radiator centered. Easy fix.

There is still an issue with the radiator, two issues, actually. The protrusions on the bottom of the radiator that are supposed to fit into the center of the rubber mounts are in the wrong places. It's a brand new radiator, purchased 15 years ago. The EPS was shutting down radiator shops back then, and the guy I bought it from had a radiator shop that could not do many radiator repairs. He also had a barn at his house where he did things that I presume are illegal today. He's still in business. Wonder if he still has a barn?

The Hitachi R35 smart coils do not need an igniter, so that location next to the fuse box is available. I am going to use that for the Aeromotive FPR. Nice that it is a straight shot from the fuel rail to there. If you mount it on the shock tower the hose is bent and there's a risk that it will touch the lead on the alternator. I've been told that can cause a fire. At least some things work out well. Okay, all of these things will work out well. It just takes time... and for me, a lot of time.

I think that's about it for today. It rained yesterday and that prompted me to get the two seams that were ripped repaired. I took the cover to a sweet old lady who does such work in a 14x14 closet of a shop and she gave me four hour service. Another win. Wish I had more business for her... except letting out the waist on my pants is not preferred :)

Oh yeah, another Harbor Freight recall. This time on propane heaters of which I had two. I used them to cure powder coating on anything bigger then 4" square. It was nice to get $120 back for something I bought four years ago, but it also made my powder coating equipment, a small oven, and about six bags of powder worthless.

That's all for Tuesday.
Looks great as usual!
If you want to get some pretty solid powder-coating equipment, I personally really like Eastwood's cure lights, but any sort of heater like that works. For a while I was using old Restaurant Heat Lamps 🤣
These threads have helped me a-lot with my MK3. Good Luck!

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Thanks for the kind words. I know I look a lot at what others have done... even if I don't follow in their footsteps. It's all part of my process. Glad they help you in some small way. They help me, too, to remember what I've done. Not sure how much powder coating I need to be doing now. I got rid of my blasting cabinet prolly two years ago and it wasn't just a standard Harbor Freight box... it had all the available modifications and was never worth what it cost me. Good old rattle cans do a pretty good job. I will look at the Eastwood lights if I decide that I have to be doing that again. With the car out of the garage space, I tend to start other projects, too. Between hard-pipes and exhaust, I think I will be practicing my TIG welding skills. I have a Blitz Nur cat-back exhaust, and it doesn't fit right. The Kaminari rear bumper skin flares out, where the OEM skin tucks in. This makes the car longer and the exhaust sits too far under the bumper. Also, and I've already made these welds, there are two cats on Supras, as near as I can tell, a 49-state version and the California version. There's a 1 1/2" to 2" difference in their lengths, making the first pipe in the cat back too long (I have the longer of the two CATs). I did enjoy the few things I powder coated though. It is a fun process. Thanks for suggesting Eastwood to me.
No problem! Honestly, the only reason I recommend them is because their Rust Encapsulator works so damn well. TIG is pretty hard, I wish I had the space for a proper TIG setup, but my garage is a mess right now. I did all my body repairs with a stick welder and 6010 Electrodes, so getting a TIG would be huge upgrade. The other process I've been messing with is home Electroplating, theres a good video by Geoffrey Croker on it. There's an old 3000 pipe sitting around that's gonna become a brush + scraper holder for my workbench soon :whistle:
Here's the video link if you want it
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