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What a fantastic start! I love the color, but I'm a sucker for silver/grey/black MKIII's.

I grew up a nudge behind you but similarly. In the mid 80's I was playing Sopwith on my Dad's IBM 8088 XT with its fancy Samsung EGA monitor. Later my first 'gaming PC' build was a 486 DX2/66, 8mb of RAM so I could play Doom without a boot disk. In the late 90's, I hid a copy of Doom II on my high school's IDX/SPX computer lab network and we'd play after school. My teacher never did find where we hid the installer, but he quit trying when it was clear we weren't sharing it with other kids and messing up classes as a result.

Congrats on all the hard work so far - how old is that repaint on your MKIII? It looks great!
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